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RE: Lug nut material?

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Subject: RE: Lug nut material?
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 21:07:26 -0600
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Hopper is an idiot savant... and leans more to the idiot side most of the
time... yet we manage to keep him around (suppose that says something about

Hopefully, Grenade will chime in soon. He's Mr. Metallurgy....

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Iff'n you can get your crew to make them out new areospace material,  
why exactly are you asking?? Almost anything you can get made would  
be at least as good as origininal, and I would bet, better. In the  
immortal words of the "water boy cajun"  You can do eet.

Besides, you know a lot more about steel and stress math than the  
rest of us combined. Use it to your advantage ;-)


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