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Re: 12G1316 head

To: "Joe Lansing" <kidjoevid@yahoo.com>, "Spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: 12G1316 head
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 10:38:17 -0800
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Hi Joe,

The rubber thing with the tiny spring is the valve stem seal.  Typically fit
as a minimum to the intake valve stems.  Sometimes fit to all the valve

WWW.APTFAST.COM should have them, and they're usually inclded in Valve grind
sets, and if you want to know if the springs are intentially shorter on one
set of valves, call 1-800-278-3278 and ask them.  That's the phone number
for APT here in the States.

Paul A

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From "Joe Lansing" <kidjoevid at yahoo.com>
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Subject: 12G1316 head

> I'm trying to determine if I can rework a head I took
> off a 1275 block. Casting is 12G1316 - based on some
> catalog/web data, exhaust port extras, and lister
> expertise, I'm running on the assumption this is a
> 73-74 smog head. My little shade-tree-mechanic brain
> is baffled by the guides for the intake valves. They
> have a rubber upper section sleeving the valve, with a
> tiny spring keeper circling the very top portion. They
> appear longer than the exhaust inserts. The valve
> springs for the intakes are also slightly shorter than
> the exhaust springs. Maybe as much as 1/4". Valves are
> 3.57" long.
> Can these inserts be successfully replaced with
> anything currently on the market?
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