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Re: ...and another near San Diego

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Subject: Re: ...and another near San Diego
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 22:03:23 -0700
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Thanks to all who responded to my plea for inspection help. It looks  
like I've got someone lined up to look over the car for me, and even  
a couple of other folks as alternates if he can't make it. Y'all make  
me feel a little less alone out here in the mountains.


On Feb 26, 2006, at 1:26 PM, Jim Rogers wrote:

> Andrew
> There are several very knowledgeable members located in San Diego  
> who I believe would be willing to inspect you candidate Bugeye. If  
> they are unable, please let me know & I will be happy to take a  
> drive down and take a look.
> Jim Rogers
> San Juan Capistrano, Ca (60 miles north of SD)
> 60 Bugeye
> Andrew Frink wrote:
>> It's amazing, once you commit fully to a path, options seem to  
>> open  up. I've located another, even more interesting Bugeye near  
>> San  Diego. Owner says is rust free and original (don't they  
>> all...). I'd  really like to find someone to look the car over for  
>> me in person.  I'll cover all expenses--I'm 700 miles away in  
>> Utah, too far to go  for an inspection trip.
>> Has anyone had any good luck with the professional inspection   
>> services? I'm willing to spend some money to have a car looked  
>> at,  but only if it is a reliable inspection.
>> Thanks,
>> -Drew

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