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Re: Machine shop chatter (no lbc)

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Subject: Re: Machine shop chatter (no lbc)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 21:24:15 -0500
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Charile wrote:

I find it funny we like to use the Mazda 5 speed for our spridgets, says 
something for the quality in my book.  

I am not flaming you for mistaking Mazda with Datsun... We all know what you 
meant. However, the fact that we use them does not attest to their quality! We 
use them because they fit in a spridget. Some folks use a Ford (I believe) 
transmission. The kits are readily available for both but the Datsun tranny 
seems to be the conversion of choice probably due to its lower cost. If there 
was a 5 speed from something else that fit as well I'm sure someone would make 
a conversion kit for it especially if the trannies were plentiful.

How many of the listers complain about their Datsun 5 speed "crunching" into 
2nd gear especially in cold weather? QA problem for sure. BUT, we are talking 
about the manufacturing process of 25 years ago. The engineering and CNC 
machining makes today's quality better when the manufacturer actually desires 

I wish the Getrag transmission in my Cavalier would fit in a spridget. Works 
great and would be easy (and cheap) to find in a boneyard...

1960 Bugeye
1975 Midget - some day auto-x-er

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