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Re: Ebay Story (Long)

To: "Brad Fornal" <tequila.brad@gmail.com>,
Subject: Re: Ebay Story (Long)
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 10:45:51 -0500
Excellent Ebay story!!!!!  I wish that more good ones like that occur.  I 
emailed the seller on quite a few of what he has for auction.  He is patient 
so far in his return emails.  He continually states that "there are two 
sides to every story"

Is that what the rest of you all are getting from him?  He answered the one 
that I asked if there was black overspray on the white VW cabriolet tonneau.

Mike Carpenter
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> Oh, BELIEVE ME, he will fucking EARN his $44 reading all the emails he 
> will
> be receiving this weekend. By Sunday, he will be ready to snap on one if 
> us,
> and when he does, off to the eBay police that email needs to go.
> It is posted in his feedback that he sells overspray items without
> mentioning it, so it is only logical that we should ask about other items.
> True eBay story........
> As a big fan of the late Denton Texas group Slobberbone, The other fans 
> and
> I would cruise eBay for any rare discs that might show (the first indie
> release of 500 discs, brings around $300 when it shows up). On several
> instances, sellers would have a recorded show that they would try and 
> sell.
> Since tapers are encouraged, as long as no shows are sold, this pissed us
> off no end. EBay was contacted, and informed that there was a seller
> violating the rules, by selling CDR's. Ebay said that only the copywrite
> owner could protest, so Brent (the copywrite owner) contacted them. They
> basically gave him a verbal "fuck off" and refused to do any more. End of
> story? Far from it.
> EBay is just like any other corporation, they are built on greed, so we
> exploited that greed. The next time a live show on CDR showed up, we bid.
> And bid.
> And bid.
> The bid got to $10,000..............
> Once the auction was over, the winner refused to pay, as it was a CDR. 
> Since
> CDR's are forbidden by sale on eBay, the winner was not obligated in any 
> way
> to buy the disc.
> Now, you think, that was kinda funny.
> But wait, there's more.
> This gift keeps on giving.
> This is the kinda kick in the balls that rattles the wisdom teeth.
> Ok, so he had a CDR, so we welched out on the $10K bid.
> EBay is a corportation, they don't give a shit about all that. There was a
> $10K closing bid on their site, and they want their cut. And guess what,
> they got it. They have every sellers credit card #, so that they CAN get 
> it.
> So, he broke the rules, and we broke his bank. Life sure is fun sometimes.
> Brad
> On 3/4/06, John Daniel Caffrey <jdc6@lehigh.edu> wrote:
>> Brad,
>> That is it in a nutshell. It's all about his attitude and lack of
>> customer relations. He's not too smart if he lies in the feedback forum
>> with no way to back it up. Maybe he will learn that a "No return"
>> statement doesn't give him immunity from properly listing an item. I'd
>> like to have my $44 back, but it's not about the wheel anymore.
>> John
>> Brad Fornal wrote:
>> >OH, and one more thing guys.
>> The response...........
>> IF this asshole is STUPID enough (and I bet he is) to send you a shitty
>> response, forward it to ebay. You are asking a legitimate question, and
>> if
>> he shows poor attitude, lets nail his ass to the wall!!
>> Brad

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