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Re: BZ Sprite Filet

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Subject: Re: BZ Sprite Filet
From: "David Lieb" <dbl@chicagolandmgclub.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 13:20:05 -0600
> Longfellow you ain't, but nice anyways

I think that Robert Sevice was more the effect
that PPP was striving for. I suppose that statement
means that he had a certain modicum of success ;-)
Now Billy Zoom needs to set it to music and record it for us...
David Lieb

> There are strange things done, in the name of fun
> By the men who moil on cars.
> The need for a part can get its start in strange and mysterious ways
> Today with some tools, a group of three fools will cut and flail away
> In hopes we can whack a piece off the back.
> It's a Billy Zoom Sprite Filet!
> The Sprite was a mess since the first SOS
> But it's since rested comfortably
> Amongst all the drums full of parts washer scum hiding away back there
> But there are bits left and with some heft we got it in the air
> Now to some thinkin' and maybe some drinkin'
> Then we'll cut out Billy's spare
> Ron and I and Gilly, too will see what we can do
> To cut off the Sprite's rear quarter
> We have his map, and we'll cut off the crap that ends up in our way
> Trying to chunk a piece off this hunk should take but half the day
> It's rainin', no complainin'
> It's a Billy Zoom Sprite Filet!

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