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[Spridgets] Race report and Morris Minor

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Subject: [Spridgets] Race report and Morris Minor
From: Daniel1312@aol.com
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 07:39:38 EDT
Hi list,

For anyone that remembers I'm a tech official so get to see a lot of racings 
cars and stuff.  I was at Donnington yesterday for a race meeting that 
included classic tourings cars - some of whom are racing today.

It was a good meeting and the Classic Touring Cars had a big grid including a 
Mazda RX7 that went very well beating a lot of much bigger engined cars to 
come second (inc a V12 Jag XJS).

I did tech on a lot of BMWs which were fairly stock, some Elises, Exiges etc. 
 However, the highlight was a Morris Minor - only the 2nd one I've 
scrutineered (along with 2 A35s, 2 A40s a nice BMC Classic).

It was the same car from 2 weeks ago from Silverstone and I was pleased that 
my guess that it ran a 948cc engine was correct.  The owner knew almost 
nothing about engines, cars or motorsport tuning!  The carb was a Weber 48IDA 
is really too big for the engine though clearly it had been set up correctly 
as it had 36mm main venturi.  Interestingly (for me at least) I never knew you 
could choke down that small on an IDA.  On a 48 DCOE you can only choke down 
to 40mm and the 48 DCOE only chokes down to 42.  The carb was a derrington 

The website www.classictouringcars.com has some neat video clips including 
one of the BMW races - same cars as I saw.



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