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[Spridgets] 1098/1275 clutch, flywheel questions

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Subject: [Spridgets] 1098/1275 clutch, flywheel questions
From: David Kernberger <dkern@napanet.net>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 16:35:33 -0800
To the group,

        I just signed on to this list and have a group of related 
questions.  I would appreciate any answers to all/part of the list 
anybody can provide.

1) Are 1098 cc (10CC ID) and 948 cc engine flywheel ring gears the same??

2) If not, what is the difference?

3) Will a 1275 flywheel bolt to the crankshaft flange of a 1098 cc 
(10CC ID) engine?

4) What are the major differences between 1275 and 1098 (10CC ID) flywheels?

        I know this may sound like a crazy bunch of questions but I 
really am looking for definitive answers to them all.  My major 
problem is I do not have a 1275 flywheel currently in my colletion in 
order to check it out myself.  Thanks in advance for any help anybody 
can be.

Dave Kernberger

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