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Re: [Spridgets] Temp gauge malfuction

To: "James E. Pickard" <geowiz.sgy@cox.net>, "Spridgets e-mail list"
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Temp gauge malfuction
From: "Dave G." <dmg@bossig.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:43:22 -0700

You have probably fractured the thin pipe and let out the ether that was in it.
The ether expands under temperature and causes the Bourdan(?) tube to 
flex and move the needle.
You have two choices

1) Send it out to be refurbished (~$150). Or
2) Attempt the repair yourself. There is information on how to do that on the 
web --- another lister probably has the URL
For my part - with my eyesight and hand tremors Iwill not try to repair mine 

Dave G
'65 MKIII Sprite

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