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From: Geoff Muttart <gmuttart@eastlink.ca>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 07:59:33 -0300
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My reply to Paul didn't make it to the List, but I can't resist but reply to
Bob's post!  :)

IMHO, Moosehead beer is not worth the trip to Nova Scotia, but many other
local brews are.  :) Small breweries - some brews just located on the
premises and not available in stores - are the rage here.  And isn't
anywhere without icebergs or real ski hills depressing in the winter (unless
you're in the hockey or curling rink)?  Any other time of the year you need
to avoid the tourist traps (like Peggy's Cove, which is popular because of
its short distance from Halifax and now the Swiss Air memorial, IMHO) and
see the rest of what NS has to offer!  The trip over from Maine to Yarmouth
on the "Cat" is relatively quick (although I still drive through New
Brunswick), and it's a great drive from Yarmouth to Halifax, along the South
Shore (Shelburne - where Demi Moore's Scarlet Letter movie, the name of
which escapes me, was filmed - through Liverpool, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay,
Chester, and Peggy's Cove) and back to Yarmouth from Halifax through the
Annapolis Valley (Windsor, Wolfville, Grand Pre, Kentville, Annapolis Royal,
Digby).  You MUST get off the 100-series highways if you want to see
anything but trees, though. (FYI, much of the picturesque South Shore of NS
is owned by Americans who summer there.)  Four (preferably 5) days can allow
you to see a lot on this route (2 days on the South Shore, staying in the
Liverpool area the first night and Halifax the second, a full day of
exploring in Halifax with the third night in Halifax, and 1 or 2 days in the
Valley, staying in the Wolfville/Kentville area and/or Annapolis Royal),
although it would leave you longing to come back and explore properly!

Anyone interested in Nova Scotia should have a look at the Provinces
tourism web site, which contains lots of information:

Cape Breton is wonderful - but the farthest point from New England and
wouldn't be suitable for a "quick" driving trip - two days would be lost
just in travel from and to Yarmouth.  And it will be VERY busy in October
for Fall Colours, so accommodations could be a challenge.

www.BATANS.ca shows you our very active lbc club, which originated with a
few of us centered here in the Annapolis Valley of NS! ("Obligatory" lbc
content. :)

Geoff Muttart
Kentville, NS
Bugeye Sprite

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