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Subject: [Spridgets] ELVF race report
From: "Wm. Severin Thompson" <wsthompson@thicko.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 09:11:33 -0500
Well, Ive been a little busy post-ELVF, but Hopper was on my ass for a race
report. It was quite an exciting 3.5 days. Setup was Thurs. We didnt have a
party or live music planned, so it was a lot less work for yours truly.

Some of the more interesting events

Porrasik Parker Stevenson had an off that resulted in a shunt. In
laymans turns, he hit a tire wall after overcooking it in Turn 8. Took out
the right side, fenders and door. He drove it in, albeit with a slightly
sore neck. We got him checked out at medical, the drivers committee wacked
his pee pee with a 2 race probation, and he was ready race the next day.
But, the suspension must have taken a hit as he had a serious vibration
despite having changed wheels & tires. He was done for the weekend.

Hopper ran fast, getting done to a 2:55, despite have issues with tires,
sway bars, and seriously cashed front wheel bearing. His feared clutch
problem never was an issue. He ran with Parker Stevensons spare set of
Hoosiers and Panasports, and his car looked to be leaning back toward its
white trash roots minus his normal shiny new Revolution wheels.

Let the record show I ran 2 sessions Fri, plus the 1 hour enduro, 2 sessions
Sat., and the feature Sunday without any mechanical issuesdespite the
betting line. It was not without excitement though. In one of the practice
session, while coming into 5 in front of Ken Im so Suhre and another car,
my shifter broke off in my hand. The distraction caused me to miss the
downshift, and end up wide. Riding the rumble strips up the hill. I waited
until Ken and the other car had passed and slipped back onto the racing
surface. That required an explanation to the black flag marshall at the end
of the session.

I had backup motor #4 in the car, which runs really well, leaks a lot of
oil, and isnt very fast. My usual 948cc times are 2.59 to say 3.02 or
3.03. This motor was 10 seconds off that pace, which put me right in the
pack with Chris No Show Ducklows 948. We had a great weekend of racing.
His motor makes a little more power than mine, and during the Sat. race he
was able to pull me on the hill and catch me by a = of a fender. I
discovered that between the race at Grattan last month, and the rumble strip
ride in 5, that my exhaust pipe was squashed nearly flat. Swapping that out
gave me a few more beans, and out cars were a lot closer in speed with a
slight edge to Chris due to his 205 tires allowing him to keep it in 3rd
longer on the up hill portions. In the Sunday feature race, I dive bombed
him enough times going into 5 to make him believe Id continue to do so.
But, on the last lap, I held back a little, so that I could slingshot with
better exit speed up the hill into 6. Chris overcooked it, ass end right in
5, perhaps overdriving it a bit. He shot across to the left side, over
corrected, and then shot back to right. All of this took place right across
my bow. As he shot back to the right for the last time I felt a slight
touch. He went off track, and I went on to win my class. Once again, the
black flag marshal wanted a few words with us. I explained the situation,
and Chris copped to having been at fault. The only damage was when his rear
wheel touched my car as he slid offit peeled a 1 strip of duct tape off
the nose of my car.

But, the worst moment of the weekend was earlier in the race, as Chris and I
exited the carousel, and set up left for the right hand kink turn off
camber, blind apex, 100 mph, lined by close concrete and Armco a big Healey
decided it would be a good place to pass and squeezed me from the inside.
Trust me this is not a good place to pass. If you lift at that moment, your
car gets likght youll swap ends, and hit the wall. If you brake in the
apex, youll swap ends, an hit the wall. My only choice was to sprain my
sphincter and hold on, riding it around the outside. The big Healeys move
also put Chris in the marbles. It was the single most dangerous fd up
stupid move Ive ever seen happen in my proximity in all my many years of
racing. I sought the guy out in the pits afterword, and let him know what I
thought of it, and filed a complaint with the drivers committee.

Matt FOM Primack had an incident in his big $ Formula car he lost the ass
end coming out of 14, and was t-boned driving both of them into the wall.
Thats gonna costs some dough.

Fitz, Biscuit, Danny the Jeweler, and others all appeared to be running
well. Uncle Jack had a gearbox full of neutral by Sunday. Mark Anderson in
his ridiculously fast red MGA had a bunch of internal engine parts plot
their mass exodus from the inside to the outside of his block taking the
majority of the side and bottom of the block with it.

I had Randy Byboth and Mark over to the Dream Farm Saturday to rob some
rotors off of Red Arse, shince Randys cheatin dog cross drilled and
slotted rotors had a serious crack. I also dragged my small mig to the track
and welded up a 300 degree crack in the lengthened Sprite rear axle housing
on a Formula Jr. for a guy he made his race.

The slide in camper for the Stealth Bomber Dodge dually worked great for
homo club meetings, as the furnace provided respite from the 33F degrees of
Sat. AM, and 37F degrees of Sunday.

So, unless some of us run the crashfest Midwest Council event known as the
Looooooong Race at Blackhawk, or make the tow to Mid Ohio were done for
the season.


Wm. Severin Thompson


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