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To: Larry Daniels <ladaniels@sbcglobal.net>, b-evans@earthlink.net,
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Wanted 67 Spridget
From: Ron Soave <soavero@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 21:26:06 -0700 (PDT)
> Congrats
> to Ron.  Again.

...with a little help from my friends - 

Larry, Peter, Scott Sprangers for crewing

Paul A. for the clutch measurements that saved my

David Leib for the axle fitting

Jeff "I'm 'Chopper, HE'S 'Hopper" Porasik for his     
  practice tires after I ran over the MGA's engine
block shrapnel and chunked a few of mine

Ed Kaler for the polishing ra...er, I mean Just Brits
/ Team White Trash t-shirts.

Eduardo Weber for carbs that you can jet for a
Wisconsin day that swings 45 degrees F in 3 hours.

...and on and on.


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