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[Spridgets] Clutch Bleeding Again...

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Subject: [Spridgets] Clutch Bleeding Again...
From: rrengineer@dslextreme.com
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 20:47:30 -0700 (PDT)
O.K., I have my rebuilt master cylinder with the smaller 1098 piston on
the clutch side by Joe at Sierra installed in the Bugeye.  I did this to
improve the feel of the 5 speed Datsun clutch.  I am also using the
original 948 slave cylinder which worked fine with the old smoothcase
tranny.  I am having one Hell of a time bleeding it.  Gerard put a hard
line extension on the slave cylinder  in place of the bleed nipple and it
ends right in front of the heater box.  Makes bleeding easy, or so says
Gerard.  He bled it in a few minutes using this setup several months ago
at his house.  That's when I had the problem with the clutch pressure and
action being all in the last few inches of the clutch pedal travel.  On
Gerard's extension there is a fitting below an inverted flare in the line
and a hex shaped double threaded connector screwed to that with a little
cap screwed in the other end.  I removed the double threaded connector and
stretched a clear plastic tubing line over the flared line and pumped a
small bottle of Castrol LMA through the system, no pressure at the clutch
pedal.  I hooked up a MityVac to the line and sucked another bottle of LMA
through the system.  Still no pressure.  Am I missing something here? 
I've never had this much trouble bleeding a clutch before and I don't
question Joe's rebuild of the clutch bore.  He even assembled the master
cylinder for me.  Any suggestions?
Mike MacLean
60 Sprite
56 BN2

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