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Re: [Spridgets] Which one?

To: "Brad Fornal" <tequila.brad@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Which one?
From: Peter C <peter@nosimport.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 11:08:08 -0600
If we're not careful, we'll scare Mr. Rowe away.

Be nice..... I think he's new here.

Did you ever get the clutch line routing for your 68?

At 10:54 AM 1/9/2008, Brad Fornal wrote:

>Billy GLOWS?
>I remember the episode of Gilligan's Island, when he drank the 
>phosphorous and glowed, but I just thought that was TV magic....
>On Jan 9, 2008 10:38 AM, Peter C <<mailto:peter@nosimport.com> 
>peter@nosimport.com> wrote:
>         So, the luminary Mr. Zoom is correct
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