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[Spridgets] M/C bleeding problem

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Subject: [Spridgets] M/C bleeding problem
From: Greg Higgins <g.h.higgins@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 15:22:41 -0400
I pulled the M/C from my 63 sprite MKII, it was weeping a little bit and
dripping onto the rubber floor mat. I took everything apart, put all new
rubber seals in then bench bled the M/C. I tried bleeding the system with my 1
man bleeder, no luck. I had my wife pump the pedal, with seven pumps I had a
hard pedal. Once she took her foot off the pedal, the pressure was gone.

I took everything apart again, I figured I may have pooched a rubber seal when
I put the M/C back together. I installed another new rebuild kit, did
everything again as mentioned, I still have the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas? I have never had a problem bleeding the M/C with this
car. The only thing different, I went from using synthetic dot 5 to synthetic
dot 4?

I was looking at the M/C diagram in my shop manual, it show a rubber thick
washer called a valve washer that goes into the bore first, mine has never had
one and has always worked.

I'm going to try a 3rd time, will put the value washer in and see what
happens, failing that , I'll throw a match to the bastard.

Thanks for any info

Greg Higgins 63sprite

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