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[Spridgets] Sebring color Sprites?....eBay!

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Subject: [Spridgets] Sebring color Sprites?....eBay!
From: sprinzelsebring <sprinzelsebring@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2010 21:54:17 +0000

Apart from a change of colour to Healey Ice Blue; this car looks very
standard; plus, there was much more to a "Sebring racer" than just a coat of
paint!  The Ice Blue coloured MkI Sprite team cars from the Donald Healey Co
were far removed from a production model in terms of specification.

May I suggest two books which will give you all the information you'll ever
need about Sebring Sprites:

  More Healeys by Geoff Healey

  Spritely Years by John Sprinzel and Tom Coulthard.



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