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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Healey Colours
From: Jay <jfishbein@snet.net>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 16:48:36 -0800 (PST)
This particular instance is fine as it is documented. Otherwise, undocumented 
claims as to colors, options, and body modifications should be dismissed.

(OTOH, the only thing that the Heritage Certificate really verifies is that it 
left the factory in primer, but I'll leave that discussion aside for now.) 

There are well-meaning sellers unknowledgeable on the history of Sprites that 
make innocent claims, but these shouldn't be given much weight. Likewise, there 
exists a good basic history on our cars that is available through the writings 
of the Healey family and others personally associated with the development and 
manufacture of Healeys. I did some quick searches on ebay and abebooks.com and 
Healey's books, Eric Dymock's book are all out there in abundance. There are 
also a few copies of John Sprinzel's books for premium prices.

For those interested in the historical aspect of the cars, these books have 
quite a bit of information. If one wants to gain some in depth knowledge on the 
production cars, there are always the factory parts guides in their various 
editions with change points.

Until one familiarizes themselves with all of this information, it serves no 
purpose to initiate a dialogue on something that will not have any more 
than the urban legends found at snopes.com.

jay fishbein
wallingford, ct

From: Joe Armour <Joea@wgegroup.com>

A friend owns  a 3000 which was painted dark, royal blue wherever he
looked. ALL parties told him there was no such colour available for
Austin Healeys.

When John received his Heritage Certificate it stated; 'delivered in
undercoat to the Donald Healey Motor Co.'

So if you ordered, you paid and you waited, many things were available
even tho they may not have appeared as Showroom listings.

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