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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 19:58:41 -0600
The dentist is a professional service, they charge whatever they can get 
away with.  Supply and demand seems to control that.

I lost my dentist and was lazy in finding a new one, then I managed to 
break a tooth during my accident last summer.  My wife had just signed 
me on her company dental plan so she picked a new dentist from their 
list and I went.  I had an initial visit, then I went back to have the 
tooth fixed (bonding) and had x-rays taken.  I had a big cavity in one 
molar left from a deteriorated filling so I needed a crown.  I came back 
for visit 3 for the crown preparation, then visit 4 to have the crown 
installed.  I needed a "deep cleaning" so I had to schedule visits 5 and 
6 for that.  That's 6 visits in about 3 months.  Some was paid by 
insurance, the rest went on our credit card.  I know it was expensive 
but I don't think we were charged anything out of the ordinary.

The new dentist isn't very old but she has built a pretty good practice 
in 4 or 5 years, so she is doing pretty good.

> My first wife worked for a dentist.  They are like chiropractors -- you will
> never stop coming back no matter how little you need their "services".  The
> more often, the better.

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