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[Spridgets] Parking Lot Woes and Safeco

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Subject: [Spridgets] Parking Lot Woes and Safeco
From: Kirk Hargreaves <khargreaves2@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 08:22:27 -0800
December the 15th 2006 I was pulled over by a cop. . for some kind of
traffic situation.  The cop got a call and had to leave me which was a nice

Had the cop written a ticket, I might have lost my house.

When I got home I opened the front door to black smoke. .  the house was on

My two neighbors across the street came to help me and we got the fire out
before the fire department came. .  the lady on the other end of the 911
call called the wrong fire department.  One of my neighbors took it upon her
self to drive over to the fire department that is about four blocks from our

When we got into the house the flames were licking the top of the hallway
ceiling.  Thanks to my neighbor's massive fire extinguisher we were able to
put the fire out at the source.

I later gave my neighbor and his brother each $250 in gift certificates for
movies and dinners at an upscale restaurant here in town.  It was about all
I could do at the time.  . but I had to do something to show my appreciation
for helping me save our home.

Safeco stepped in and took care of everything.  I cannot say enough about
them.  They put us up in a rental that they paid for, in the same
neighborhood so that we could check on the progress of the house.  They
brought in TV's furniture, linens, mattresses, dishes, everything you could
think of.  They paid the restoration company and the contractor with no

For the next 4 months my wife kept detailing records of stuff that we lost
and Safeco would send checks every time.  . each month for around $3,600.0 a
month through that time period.

We paid a grand for the deductible. .  and these guys were on top of
everything.  They even paid the contractor to do some additional work on the
house before we moved in such as removing a non load bearing wall area that
separated our kitchen from the family room.

As far as insurance companies go. .  I have to really sing the praises of
Safeco and how they handled our situation. .  we were out of the house for 6
months while the contractors rebuilt it.  These guys went over and beyond.
.  the best customer service I have ever seen.


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