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[Spridgets] Warwick hardtop arrived...picts......

To: Spridget list <spridgets@autox.team.net>, Frank
Subject: [Spridgets] Warwick hardtop arrived...picts......
From: Linda Grunthaner <grunthaner@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 18:54:18 -0500
It's here, it was a miracle that it arrived in one piece as it was only
bubble wrapped. I was shocked I thought it would have been in a box. It
weighs around 15lbs. I guess thats why Steve Mc Queen liked it to race with
it, nice and light.

The only damage was the lower part of the rear window popped out, and two
screws pulled through the fiberglass on the side aluminum trim.  I will have
to locate more info from Jon regarding the front hardware. If anyone knows
someone with one of these I'd like to contact them regarding a visual on the
hardware installed.




On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 6:12 AM, Linda Grunthaner <grunthaner@gmail.com>wrote:

> List,
> I received a memo from FedEx that they have a large package that weighs
> under 20 lbs from the UK. I wonder what it is .....wink. Under 20 lbs means
> I will have to order all hardware and rear badge. Thank Jon for all the
> links for those parts. Pictures as soon as she arrives.
> Lin
> Parts homepage:
> http://www.cape-international.com/
> enamel badge that was fitted centrally under the rear window...
> http://www.cape-international.com/capeshop.php?parttypes=25&thepart=HT08
> rear fixings
> http://www.cape-international.com/capeshop.php?parttypes=25&thepart=27H9591#
> two of these for the windscreen pillars at the front
> http://www.cape-international.com/capeshop.php?parttypes=25&thepart=AHB9785K
> other front fixings
> http://www.cape-international.com/capeshop.php?parttypes=25&thepart=HT06

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