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Re: [Spridgets] Midget 50th New Dates!!! July 18-22, 2011

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Midget 50th New Dates!!! July 18-22, 2011
From: Rick Bastedo <rbastedo@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 07:47:51 -0800
Thanks Jim and the gang - this is going to work out much better for us.
As long as we can keep the NASTYCAR people from stomping us out again.

One question - are you saying the hotel will be calling me?
I've got a reservation at Victorian Villiage which I paid a deposit,
so they will call me and ask me to change to the new dates?

Another question:
Is the 18th the start of the festivities?
If that is the case then we want to arrive the evening of the 17th so we
be bright and chipper on the morning of the 18th.
What day is the banquet?

I couldn't get the website to open.

Thanks again,

Rick & Peter B.

From: Jim Johnson <bmwwxman@gmail.com>
Subject: [Spridgets] Midget 50th New Dates!!! July 18-22, 2011


*July 18-22, 2011   Elkhart Lake and Road America!!

*Event organizers in Cheese Head Land have just released the new dates for
the big event!! Unfortunately, I cannot access the website at the moment and
will have to update it later.   A corrected registration form and
preliminary agenda will be placed on the website soon along with the
appropriate links.

*Please pass the word to everyone you know who might want to attend!!   July
18-22, 2011*

If you have reservations at Victorian Village
will be contacted soon to change your dates.  Additional lodging will be
available at Siebkens <http://www.siebkens.com/> and that information will
be posted shortly so you can reserve your room.

FYI - *July 15 - 18 will be the Kohler International
Brian Redman presented by Ford...
*  If you are into racing you may want to come a couple of days early!

An updated event poster will be available very soon from Gerard Chateauvieux
as will the other regalia in the club store!  The new 2011 club calendars
will also be available shortly from the club store at:

As always...  feel free to contact us with any questions you may have...

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Dodge City, KS 67801
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