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[Spridgets] No LBC ....used watch makers lathe wanted for my

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Subject: [Spridgets] No LBC ....used watch makers lathe wanted for my
From: Linda Grunthaner <grunthaner@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 19:49:29 -0500
Every year our best physics students enter the Panasonic Creative Design
And every year kids come to my lab (work shop) during open lunch lab hour to
drill, cut, glue and bend materials for their device. My problem is they use
small DC motors with very small shafts and try attach either a dowel & wheel
or a plastic axle from a connecting gear set with a wheel. Therefore they
are trying to drill a 1/32" or less hole in the plastic axle or dowel to
attach to the DC motor shaft and I do not have anything that small or
precise. The small lathe I ordered this year was turned down by the main
office at the last minute so I have decided I would buy a used lathe to help
the kids out, the physics teacher mentioned I look for a watch makers lathe.
I looked on eBay but I have no clue what to look for being I have only used
a lathe in college for one project and that was 20 years ago. Anyone have
tips on what to look for or know someone selling a used one? Is there a
place to go to buy used tools like a watch makers lathe? I am guessing they
do not have motors because they are done by hand right?
I saw this one $169.99 is a bit high and I don't know if it is complete.

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