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[Spridgets] 2013 Walk to Defeat ALS

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Subject: [Spridgets] 2013 Walk to Defeat ALS
From: Geoff Muttart <gmuttart@eastlink.ca>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 07:12:17 -0300
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You will appreciate our annual Club fundraiser:
Perhaps it will provide ideas for others.

Geoff Muttart
Nova Scotia, Canada


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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 16:30:00 -0400
From: Kristi & Lambert <kristi74midget@comcast.net>
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Subject: [Spridgets] 2013 Walk to Defeat ALS

Dear Friends and family,

As you may know, Im a loyal participant in The ALS Associations Walk to
Defeat ALS.. Ive walked in the past and have learned first-hand that the
Walk is a life-changing event, uniting thousands of people around the nation
to fight for the same ultimate goal  a world without ALS! ALS (amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis) is also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease. This fatal disease
currently has no long-term treatments or a cure. The Walk is coming up again
very soon, and that means its fundraising time again.


Before you dismiss this email, thinking Are you really asking me again? I
hope youll consider a few things

1. People are still getting diagnosed with ALS. Now, more than ever, those
suffering with this devastating disease need our help. The money you donate
not only funds cutting-edge research, but it also provides critical programs
for families affected by ALS. Did you know that it can cost up to $200,000
per year to live with ALS?

2. Military veterans are twice as likely to get ALS as compared to the
general population. These are brave men and women who fought for our country
and now it's our turn to fight for their lives.

3. Still not feeling inspired? Then, I want to tell you exactly how ALS
affects its victims. The motor neurons in a person's brain and spinal cord
waste away. When the motor neurons die, the muscles become paralyzed.
Gradually, a person is robbed of the ability to walk, speak, eat, and
eventually breathe. Upon diagnosis, doctors give ALS patients only 2 to 5
years to live. Research funded by The ALS Association continues to make
great strides in helping scientists understand more about ALS, but there is
still no known cure for this always-fatal disease. We must do more to help
those suffering.

As you know, I am asking again for your financial support in my quest to
raise funds for The ALS Association through theWalk to Defeat ALS..

Please click on the link below to go directly to my personal fundraising
No amount is too small. Every dime makes a difference.




P.S. Please forward this email to as many people as possible. We need more
people to support the fight against this awful disease.

Kristi & Lambert
'74 RWA Midget
'77 RB Midget
'71 Morris 1100 MK 2
Philadelphia MG Club Treasurer
Brits at the Village Registrar

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