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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] A spridget event
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Getting in really late on this one..........................I'd be
interested in attending MG 2016, in Louisville, KY.  I like the idea because
I believe that getting to and from an event should be as much fun as the
event and there are lots of excellent, back-roads routes to take to
Louisville, from just about every direction.

As far as Colorado Springs is concerned, it's just too far away, for me.  I
have to think the Porsche 356 Registry has it right, when they do two annual
"Holidays" (East Coast Holiday and West Coast Holiday).  They've even done a
"North Coast Holiday", several years ago, in St. Paul, MN.  The events are
usually "sold-out", and are great fun (356 people are a whole lot different
from "Porsche people").  Of course, some Registry members make a practice of
attending both events.

Anyway, a Porsche 356 is WAY more of a long distance touring car than a
Spridget and most of those guys won't even consider driving across the
country to attend their national meet.  Why not consider separate events for
east and west?


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I 'd love Colorado Springs, but I'd be worried about the cost and the travel
required.  You would likely only get the die hard spridget people.
It seems as if the greatest concentratioin of spridgets are in the coastal

I'm going to make a pitch for having spridget people come to MG2016.  It
won't be an event like the last two spridget events, but something a little
different... just wait for the email.  But if a bunch of people want to do
colorado springs then count me in.  Can the Broadmoor be our host hotel?



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