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Re: [Spridgets] 1968 Austin America / MG1100 - Hydrolastic Suspension

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] 1968 Austin America / MG1100 - Hydrolastic Suspension
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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2014 11:28:39 -0500
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I would just mention that Frank Zappa, anything made in China, the merits of 
ZDDP, and of course the 101 uses for TacoBell wrappers are the only others left 
off an otherwise quite comprehensive list of popular Spridgets discussion 


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corvallis@peoplepc.com wrote:

...and who was the singer? What about the water carburetor Detroit is
hiding?B  Bill in Oregon
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You may regret Kevin's actions....
As a new member you are obliged to
tell all about your love of cats.B  Wheel chocks or cuddly animals?B B  
Your love of guns.B  A much needed accessory for local governance or, an
invention held by cowards who think its good to kill from a distance?B  
(If you think the latter make sure you exempt law enforcement and military).
Your love of beer / tequila / whisky or whatever mind enhancing substance
you can admit to.
I think that is about it - you'll be a fully fledged member if you answer
that lot - but there may be others.B B  <SMILE>

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