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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Subject: Re: How can you kill an alternator
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Whoops, thinking in reverse here. Thanks for catching that,Jim.
It's a good thing I don't drive like that!!!

Mark Haynes
It only goes one way-Pay it Forward

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Don't you mean larger pulley on the alternator and water pump and/or a
smaller pulley on the crank?

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There is definitely a high end on the bearings' RPM for longevity, That's
why quite a few, if not most, racers put smaller pulleys on their water
pumps and alternators-or use an 'Underdrive' pulley on the crank. If you run
these two ancillaries at high RPMs for long periods of time, you get
cavitation in the water pump, which leads to overheating, and bearings do
burn out in the alternator. 

Mark Haynes
It only goes one way-Pay it Forward

Well there's your answer.   I had to go through three alternators from
AutoZone before I 
got one that would last more than a year.   I think their "rebuilding"
is not much more than clean and polish.  :-) 

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> On Feb 2, 2015, at 12:34 PM, Trevor Jessie <trevor.jessie@gmail.com>
> I'm just trying to rule out possibilities on how I'm killing so many
They fail slowly.  Gradually requiring more and more rpms before they start
charging and eventually they quit charging regardless on rpms.  I'm on my
fourth "rebuilt" 
Lucas unit from a major chain autoparts store.

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