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[Thicko] 1978 Alfa Spider For Sale

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Subject: [Thicko] 1978 Alfa Spider For Sale
From: Ron Soave <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 09:24:09 -0700 (PDT)
My Alfa Spider streetcar is up for sale with a reduced price of $2900 or 
offers. Car is in Roscoe, IL near WI border, 50 miles south of Madison WI, 70 
miles west of O'Hare.

This time I'm actually gonna advertise it and stuff - I am out of space. The 
car is a 1978 Spider Veloce. I drive it severla times a week for a 50 highway 
mile round trip to the Rockford Airport and it's great. 5 speed in 5th is a 
very pleasant experience with the top down, nothing the Mike Tyson-like 
experience of my Sprites at speed. There are two rust bubble clusters above 
each rear fender lip and that's it - the car is otherwise in beautiful cosmetic 
condition. Driver's seat has some seams splitting, but otherwise really nice. 
The top is original and is of very high quality. The rear window is original, 
and I currently have some packing tape doing some good work as a patch. 

The car has the 2.0L fuel injected (SPica) engine. I don't touch the Spica,and 
it leaves me alone. The motor was gone through by PO Bob Rewoldt maybe 12,000 
miles ago and it is strong. I have been told it's faster than a normal Alfa - 
it has Shankle cams and header plus the Shankle "Smart Start". Gearbox was 
rebuilt by Bob,  it's better than the NEW Sprint Veloce I drove in the 80s. You 
can beat the 2nd gear synchro if you really set your mind to it, but it's as 
strong as any Alfa box I've driven. Car has never stranded me.

The bad - the aforementioned fender bubbles, and some weird electrics. The oil 
pressure was verified by me with a mechanical gauge as having 75 psi cold, but 
it reads all over the gauge randomly with 2 different senders. It probably 
needs a gauge. The fuel gauge is kaput as well, probably the sender. New trick 
- when you have the left directional on and hit the brake, the directional 
shuts off. I traced as much as I could, nothing obvious. Brake booster is 
acting a little weird too - I sometimes disconnect it and go manual. I drive 
the car with all these things - no big deal, but they should be fixable rather 
easily. I simply have too many other projects - somebody take this. It is a 
steal at the asking price. 

Suggested annual donation  $11.47

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