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Help ID an electrical part

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Subject: Help ID an electrical part
From: "William West" <>
Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 12:26:42 -0700charset="us-ascii"
Hello All!

Ok, I'm going to install my new Crane XR 700  ignition today in hopes
getting my 76 Spit back on the road.

I went to install the new coil and there staring me in the face was that
little blue gadget that I may have mentioned earlier.  I am in need of
knowing if this was part of the old ignition system or whether I need to
keep it, so if anyone can identify it, please, please, please email me...I
would be eternally grateful!!!

Anyways, here's the description:
It is a blue cylinder, about an inch long and an inch wide. It has a bracket
type terminal on the bottom that slides underneath the coil bracket and
tightens down via the coil bracket screw. A black wire comes out of the top
and connects to the positive terminal on the coil.
The markings on it are; Dubilier, Type SV 1(backwards 'u') F, 150v DC WKG

Can anyone tell me what this is and what it does?

Thanks in advance!

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