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Re: A quick poll (was TR250 lenses)

To: Randall <>
Subject: Re: A quick poll (was TR250 lenses)
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 17:27:59 -0700
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My mother had a mangle and always warned me to stay away from it.  It
was basically a huge roller that was used to iron sheets and other large
pieces of clothing.  Getting your tit caught in one was considered a
minor injury as a number of people lost arms and/or lost their lives for
the sake of having ironed sheets.  I always figured that's why they were
called mangles, but I could be wrong about that too.

Bud Rolofson

PS:  Saw a good sticker today.  If adapted to a Triumph it would say
"Driver Carries No Cash, I Drive A Triumph"

Randall wrote:
> John Macartney wrote :
> <snip>
> > sometimes one gets one's
> > t*ts in the mangle
> Okay, a quick poll.  How many listers have any idea what that phrase means,
> or even what a mangle is ?
> <g>
> Randall

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