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Re: TR3A/TR4A exhaust systems interchangagbility

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Subject: Re: TR3A/TR4A exhaust systems interchangagbility
From: Geo Hahn <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 19:16:57 -0700
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Paul Dorsey wrote:

>1. Will a TR3A's exhaust manifold fit a TR4A engine? Why not?
I think the TR3A manifold would bolt up to the to the head of the 4A but 
what exhaust system would you then use?  The 4-into-1 header from the 
'3A will be looking for the '3A/4 headpipe and exhaust system.  That 
system is rather specific to the 3 & 4, especially where it passes thru 
the cruciform.

>2. Why is the TR4A's exhaust system superior to a TR3A's?
Certainly different, wasn't aware that it is superior.

Geo Hahn
59 TR3A
64 TR4
Mt Lemmon, AZ

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