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Re: Vandalism

To: (List Triumph)
Subject: Re: Vandalism
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 13:48:32 +0000
  My emotions are running the the full spectrum over this cowardly act of 
vandalism, from anger and disgust through horror and revenge.  While the snake 
who would do this might slither around in the Triumph fraternity, he is 
certainly not one of us.  If ever caught, I would recommend public castration, 
but then again we already know that this oxygen thief has no balls.
  Let me suggest that we all pitch in to buy Kas a plane ticket to Chicago for 
a re-signing of Tim Smith's bulkhead.  I'll be the first to step up.  Where do 
I send my $20?
Mark Macy 
New Carlisle, OH

57 TR3 TS16942LO 
57 TR3 TS17734L 
62 TR4 CT611L (Current Project) 
61 TR4 CT675L (Wife's Driver) 

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