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Re: [TR] TR3A Brakes Locking Up

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Subject: Re: [TR] TR3A Brakes Locking Up
From: Michael Marr <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2015 14:39:18 +0000
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Thread-topic: [TR] TR3A Brakes Locking Up
I have not experienced this myself, but other list members have reported 
instances of the front caliper hoses swelling up with age and acting like a 
check valve, holding the fluid in the calipers so they do not release 
immediately.  Was your friend experiencing this on both front wheels or just 
one side?  If the latter, it could be the hose situation.  If the former, it is 
likely to be somewhere else in the circuit that is common to both front brakes. 
 My memory of the front hydraulic circuit is too hazy to recommend where to 
start, without looking at my shop manual, which is not to hand right now, but I 
bet somebody else out there has an idea.


Michael Marr
Albion Technical Services
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> On Jun 7, 2015, at 8:29 AM, Joe DeMuth <> wrote:
> Can anyone think of a reason that the front calibers would lock up by 
> themselves without the brake pedal being depressed. This just happened 
> yesterday to one of out local club members who is currently with a group of 
> other British cars circumnavigating Lake Superior. The brakes have been 
> working flawlessly for a couple of years. He is back on the road now, and 
> hoping the problem does not re-occur. In the meantime, I told him those of us 
> at home would try come up with reasons/solutions for him. Any ideas?
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