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Subject: Re: [TR] Parts sources
From: William Pugh <>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 09:26:09 -0700
Cc: triumphs <>
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Just put on one of the Hi-Torque Startersâ?¦end of problem.

> On May 7, 2020, at 7:48 AM, TERRY SMITH <> wrote:
> Okay.  I've just gone through my second starter drive on the tractor rebuild, 
> each refusing to retract and engage the flywheel after doing so for a dozen 
> or so attempts.  Both $25 and from, I understand, China, which of course is 
> nevertheless not to say that all Chinese parts are poor quality.  I've 
> cleaned the drives, lubed them, bench-tested them with a new battery brought 
> up to full charge while applying persuasion to retract.  The problem is the 
> quality of the part.  (I've found a more expensive alternative and ordered 
> it.)
> But I'm curious.  Like my '59 TR3A, the tractor is old.  Is there some 
> sentiment among aftermarket parts manufacturers that old vehicles won't be 
> driven much, so the lifespan-quality of parts they make isn't the focus it 
> maybe once was because, after all, who's really going to find out anyway?  
> With the Triumph, for instance, I've had varying luck with the quality 
> control of points and rotor and, in one instance, a generator.  
> Make no mistake.  I'm not complaining, just curious.  Overall I'm delighted 
> we have the opportunity for these parts in the first place.  But where the 
> heck are the parts for our cars being made?  Not that it matters.  Poor 
> workmanship--as well as good--is a human trait without borders.  
> Terry Smith, '59 TR3A  TS 58667
> New Hamsphire 
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