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Re: [TR] TR7/TR8 blinker question

Subject: Re: [TR] TR7/TR8 blinker question
From: Paul Tegler <>
Date: Sat, 23 May 2020 22:48:06 -0400
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single flasher? (two)
yes the Spit (late model) switch can be a problem as you very rarely if 
ever use it. so the contact tarnish.
cycle the switch 1/2 dozen or so times to wipe/clean the contacts and 

The thermal flasher you are using sounds like the issue...emergency 
flashers you're powering all the lights so more current flowing through 
the flasher.
with turns only (one side), the lower load is not enough to heat and 
switch the flasher element.

Simple fix... go to an electronic flasher. The only difference is you 
need to add a third connection to the flasher .. a ground connection.
The electronic versions do not rely on current flow to flash, rather 
internal circuitry to toggle back and forth (on/off)

Some will of course say the downside is the flasher will flash (you'll 
hear it) even if all the bulbs are burned out.


On 5/23/2020 7:36 PM, wrote:
> Jim,
> If its like other TR's (6's, Spitfires, etc.) then you have to use a lucas
> thermal flasher unit.
> The canister ones at the local parts store look similar, but  the thermal
> bits inside are not the same, and will cause problems similar to what you
> are describing.
> There was also a recent string here on the late spitfire hazard switches,
> which everything run through  on the late cars causing problems
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> Subject: [TR] TR7/TR8 blinker question
> Low mileage (18k) 81 TR8.  Hasn't been run much.  Beginning my regular
> exercise schedule on the car and notice the blinkers are working
> intermittently on both sides. Four way flasher work perfectly.  When blinker
> does come on it is not a consistent pattern like the flashers.  Three fast
> blinks two slow  then nothing.    Right now in garage I'm getting nothing.
> I'm thinking it is an electrical  connection or contact point.  Any
> recommendations on best place to start.  All four bulbs working on flashers
> and other lights work too.
> Thanks,
> Jim Henningsen
> 61 TR3A
> 62 TR4
> 75 TR6
> 81 TR8
> 82 Jeep CJ8 (Looking for a new home)
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