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Lotus 30/40 info needed

To:, owner-vintage-race@Autox.Team.Net,
Subject: Lotus 30/40 info needed
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 09:56:14 EDT
I sent this message last night but it apparently didn't go through (AOL
strikes again?). I am researching a Lotus 30 a friend of mine owns. It was
found in a dumpster (!) in 1988. It appears to be one of two cars that were
wrecked in California circa 1964/65. One was owned by John "Bat" Masterson and
was wrecked at Laguna SEca in 1964. The engine/box and a few parts were used
to make the PAM Grp.7 car, but I don't know what happened to the rest. More
likely it is the Lotus "40" (not really) that AJ Foyt was to race at the Times
GP at Riverside in 1965, but which was wrecked by Bob Tattersall (a friend of
AJ) in practice. This car is a 30 but it has been converted to bigger brakes
and bolt-on wheels (probably 15") like a 40, and may have been mis-identified
as such. It has the narrow roll bar like an early 30. Supposedly, the
engine/box were removed from the wreck and sent to Nassau, where they were
used in another 40 that AJ drove there (slow learner). Does anyone have any
photos/info/leads on either of these cars?
Harold Pace

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