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Re: Windshield Question

To: SJC <>
Subject: Re: Windshield Question
From: Jeff Howarth <>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 23:43:42 +0100
HI Steve,

it sounds like yet another DPO threw away the tapered rubber strip that
is used to align the windshield.

British engineering at its best, it is quite obviously a tactical fix to
a manufacturing 'tolerance' 8-)

let me know if you need a couple.


In message <>, SJC
<> writes
>> Hello Everyone:
>> I'm still looking to buy a Tiger and thanks to the people who have
>> replied to my on line "want" ad so far. One of the Tigers I'm looking at
>> has a slightly out of adjustment windshield. I remember from the list
>> previously that a "slight" out of adjustment problem can mean a big job
>> getting things to line up. On this car the chrome frame of the vent
>> windows ("wing" windows??) on the doors touch the top edge of the
>> windshield on both sides (so there's no gap for the weatherstrip that's
>> supposed to go there). The gap (although there isn't one at the top) at
>> top tapers down into a gradually widening gap that by the time you
>> follow it to the top of the door itself, the gap is approximately the
>> proper distance for the weatherstrip.
>> Since whichever Tiger I buy will be my every day driver (as Sunbeams
>> have been for the last 30 years), I need to make sure the car is water
>> tight. Could some of you let me know your experiences with adjusting the
>> windshield? It seems that if I am able to "shim" the bottom to it to get
>> it to lean forward 1/2 inch or so for the weatherstrip, the very nice
>> condition top will have to go that same 1/2 inch further forward which I
>> don't know if it will do.
>> A second question is the repair of the fresh air vent "flaps" under the
>> dash. The mechanism is complete on the passenger side and missing the
>> lever (with the "v" on it) on the driver's side and both "flaps don't
>> seem to close completely. Any experiences with this one too?
>> Anyway, as usual, the group's help and advice will be greatly
>> appreciated.
>> Steve Sage
>> 67 Series V overdrive Alpine (soon to be for sale when I buy a Tiger)

Jeff Howarth

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