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Thanksgiving, Turkeys and Mayflowers

Subject: Thanksgiving, Turkeys and Mayflowers
From: "Brad Kahler" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 17:39:52 -0000
Hi all!

Just wanted to write from Brad's and say what a cool Thanksgiving we had! 
 We drove to Lincoln, NE to spend Thanksgiving with his family.  
Thanksgiving morning Brad charged the battery on his Mayflower and we 
two turkeys motorvated the couple miles to his parents' house for 
Thanksgiving dinner in style.  His family alternated between "How cool 
you came over in that cute little car" to "What the heck did you bring 
THAT thing for!?!"  It sure was amusing to have groups of people strolling 
the neighborhood stop on the sidewalk and gawk at it!  I was too slow with 
the camera when NINE people all came to a dead stop at once and stared at 
it.  How funny!  

(The FOT connection here is, unbelievably, that the car used to be 
autocrossed by its previous owner, who has trophies to prove it!) 

We actually did get it up to about 40 mph on the back streets -- not bad for 
an unrestored car that hasn't been run in 5 years and only has three gears!  
And only 1/3 of the full braking system...  It was a blast!

I hope ya'll's holiday is going as great as ours is!

Keep Triumphing,
Susan and Brad   :)   

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