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Re: Dash Wiring

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Subject: Re: Dash Wiring
From: WILLIAM B LAWRENCE <ynotink@msn.com>
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 08:49:33 -0700
It looks like there should be a connector on the Brown/Blue wire that would
allow it to attach to the lighting switch and the run across to the ignition
switch. There was on mine. If it's not there and the wire is long enough you
may need to install one. If the wire is not long enough you will need to use
a jumper. This is the main power supply for both switches.

That ground wire attaches to the tach to provide a ground for the instrument
illumination lamp. You may have a ground path without it but it may be

Good luck.

Bill Lawrence  
BN1 #554

On 4/30/05 9:45 AM, "Michael Williams" <mewilliams@comcast.net> wrote:

> Listers,
> I have spent the morning wiring in the new harness under the dash of my BN1.
> The wiring diagram shows the brown with blue wire (number 36 on the
> schematic) going to one side of the ignition switch and also to terminal "A"
> of the headlight switch. There is, however, only one brown with blue wire in
> the harness. Should a brown with blue jumper be run from one side of the
> ignition to terminal "A" of the headlight switch?
> Also, there are two black ground wires joined to a single eyelet. The
> schematic seems to indicate that these go to the tachometer. Should it be
> placed over one of the attachment posts and the nut tightened over it or.
> should it really be screwed to the steering support column as I have seen it
> on another car? It seems the latter may provide a better ground.
> Thanks,
> --Michael
> '55 BN1

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