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RE: Water Pump Replacement Adventure Continues...

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Subject: RE: Water Pump Replacement Adventure Continues...
From: "Hermance, Jonathan" <Jonathan_Hermance@ATK.COM>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 07:44:28 -0600
Consider peening the nut to the stud.  With a wrench, screw out the nut and
stud together.  Replace the peened parts with a new stud and nut. 

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Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 7:12 AM
Subject: Water Pump Replacement Adventure Continues...

More water pump adventures. We got everything/old pump off OK.  We
carefully started reassembly with a new pump. We got the pulley on the
pump, and the pump assembly back in place and started to tighten the
nuts and bolts.  There are two studs and two bolts that hold the pump in
place.  Three went on with no problem.  The forth one, a stud with a
nut, located at the upper left position on the pump is giving us a real

The nut and washer appeared to go on the stud OK. We started the nut on
by hand to avoid cross threading.  The nut was tightening up normally
when it seemed start to spin easier.  Continued turning made no
progress, nor can we  now back it off.  So now we have this nut spinning
stuck on this stud with no way to remove it.   Can't tighten it, can't
loosen it.  Can't get anything in between the pump body and the nut to
force it out.

Has anyone seen this before?  Any ideas on how to get the nut off so we
can finish this project?   Is the stud stripped? I don't think that
there is enough thread showing to do the dual nut stud removal
technique. Do we need to cut off the nut? If so, how? There's not a lot
of room in there...

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