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From: Ross MacPherson <>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 05:15:37 -0700
At 01:44 AM 10/13/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello, I would like to ask about transmission oil. There is a lot of
>reference to the use of engine oil. I understand in modern cars oils can vary
>quite a bit, i.e. Izusu Trooper-30 wt, Mazda FWD ATF, in Mitsubishis, our
>shop recommends 75-80wt GL4. Now I understand that MGs use engine oil, but
>can you recommend the proper fluid for my 52 Austin Somerset? The original
>service manual recommends 90wt, just as Mitsubishis manual does, but after
>several complaints of hard shifting and grinding of gears, we've chosen the
>75-80 wt. Would this be true for my Austin? When I drained it, it had 90wt in
>it, although I have never been able to drive the car. Do you recommend, as
>with MGs, the use of engine oil instead of the recommended gear oil? Thanx
>for your help.....roland.........52 Austin........73 MGB

I highly recommend Redline synthetic gear lube for your transmission.  It's
specially formulated for transmissions and non-posi rear ends.  I tried it
in my TC on a friends recommendation and it made a tremendous difference:
much smoother shifting and quieter operation.  It's more expensive but well
worth the extra INHO.  It's available in a number of ranges and I know
there's one recommended for applications specifying 90 wt.  
Usual disclaimer... no interest just a happy customer.
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