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61. Re: Painting (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 07 Jul 1997 17:34:03 -0500
Not at Sam's. Smells good, too. A. B. Bonds
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62. Re: Painting (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 07 Jul 1997 17:50:53 -0500
That is a lotta geld to drop on a teutonic midget. However, guys, please admit in your heart of hearts there are some LBC's (and the L doesn't mean little) that are worthy of that kind of expense. Pr
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63. Re: cooling (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 08 Jul 1997 09:43:45 -0500 This thread went on for about six years 3-4 months ago. Bottom line is, that can't be, a least according to the laws of thermodynamics. I don't doubt that what you say is true, but for
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64. Re: TD Clutch Question (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 09 Jul 1997 13:03:03 -0500
If you have a brass cable anchor on your oil pan, a cable will be easy to (re)install. I prefer the cable to the rod because it is easy to bend the threaded end of the rod if you push the pedal in to
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg00600.html (8,449 bytes)

65. Re: Stripped rocker arm on a TD (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 09 Jul 1997 16:10:50 -0500
Most likely overtightening of the locknut. You might check and see how much of the thread is lost on the adjusting screw as well. In any event, you should replace the rocker arm and screw. The screw
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg00606.html (8,124 bytes)

66. Re: TF Vapor Lock (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 14 Jul 1997 10:40:55 -0500
All of the T's suffer from vapor lock, which is especially aggravated in hot weather (ambient temp >95 or so). In mine it will run OK, but if I stop for just a minute or two it is very difficult to s
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67. Re: MGTD for Sale (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 14 Jul 1997 11:28:39 -0500
TD prices are all over the map. Good original cars can still be had for $7500. Over-restored garage queens will be offered for $25,000, but I know no one foolish enough to pay that. $8900 is a fair p
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg00860.html (7,197 bytes)

68. Re: DGV vs. HS6 (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 14 Jul 1997 16:15:24 -0500
One presumes that you are going to use said carbies on a B. I have dealt with both a DGV and HIF6's on a '73. In my judgement, the HIF's are capable of more instantaneous power, but I had a fair amou
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg00875.html (7,859 bytes)

69. Re: Rant about Radio Shack (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 15 Jul 1997 09:58:43 -0500
I agree that Rat Shack does not have an enviable record in customer service. However, Let's think about this. If you were the vendor of a secondary piece of equipment, how would you react? No offense
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg00916.html (7,733 bytes)

70. Re: Brake bias (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 16 Jul 1997 16:59:09 -0500
I have had reasonable success removing moderate amounts of oil from seal leakage from rear brake shoes with CRC Brakleen. The surface needs to be saturated several times and then wiped off very quick
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg01027.html (9,295 bytes)

71. Re: More on diffi whine (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 17 Jul 1997 12:50:34 -0500
The whine is occurring only when you are putting torque on the drive shaft. This suggests that the problem is either in the nose bearings of the axle or the pinion/crown gear assembly. I wish I had b
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg01092.html (7,828 bytes)

72. Re: TD remote control (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 17 Jul 1997 16:05:15 -0500
Yes, well, ummmm. If you have a remote control that has a bushing already installed, the answer is "one" and it is available from Abingdon Spares for about 3 bucks. If your remote control is like mos
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg01100.html (7,178 bytes)

73. Re: Clutch Problems? (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 18 Jul 1997 14:49:27 -0500
Hmm. The only way a clutch can make heat is when it is slipping. This results when the clutch is worn (or oily). Your symptoms do not sound like a worn clutch. It would grab at only the last little b
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg01138.html (9,321 bytes)

74. Re: Ray Gibbons (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 25 Jul 1997 16:38:15 -0500
Over the last couple of years I felt that I was pretty much in synch with Ray in a number of respects, being a crusty old fart, messing with my iron and doing science now and then to keep the Masters
/html/mgs/1997-07/msg01490.html (8,619 bytes)

75. Re: MGA Slow Death (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 11 Jun 1997 10:54:39 -0500
Before messing with the carbs, try replacing the coil. It's fairly cheap. They can start out OK and then die when the engine heats up. Been there, done that. A. B. Bonds
/html/mgs/1997-06/msg00482.html (7,456 bytes)

76. Re: I'm Stumped Clutch/Idle (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 16 Jun 1997 09:32:59 -0500
Yeah, well, it's the natural consequence of that fabulous invention, the graphite throw-out bearing. The notion is that the bearing surface used to apply pressure to the clutch is a solid chunk of ca
/html/mgs/1997-06/msg00709.html (8,336 bytes)

77. RE: Newsletter Names (score: 1)
Author: "A.B. Bonds" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 09:23:02 -0500
Already in use--published by Bill Cannon out of Monrovia, CA (without the eh). A. B. Bonds
/html/mgs/1997-06/msg01339.html (7,058 bytes)

78. Re: Blowing a piston (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 26 Jun 1997 10:00:47 -0500
Ah, yes, but recall that marvelous episode in "Maintaining the Breed" (Thornley) in which an MG at Montlhery blew a piston over the retaining wall. 'Course it was probably revving 10 grand or so....
/html/mgs/1997-06/msg01423.html (7,387 bytes)

79. Re: '...just like a Union jack...' (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 06 May 1997 09:29:17 -0500
In <>, Hello? That was an E-jag, and a very nice one at that. A. B. Bonds
/html/mgs/1997-05/msg00292.html (7,368 bytes)

80. Re: Snapped a Thermostat housing stud.... (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 06 May 1997 09:37:09 -0500
These usually go into holes that are not blind in that they open into the water jacket, but one can easily feel under the cast boss to see. The most reliable (but tricky) procedure is to file the top
/html/mgs/1997-05/msg00293.html (7,748 bytes)

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