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1. [Shop-talk] Home Security (score: 1)
Author: marty <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 23:48:11 +0000 FILETIME=[B3F47D10:01D0287A]
With all this new fangled modern technology I figure there has to be something out there that can be self installed in the house and shop that if I get broken into or there is a fire it will notify m
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2. Re: [Shop-talk] Home Security (score: 1)
Author: Brian Kemp <>
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2015 16:23:02 -0800
Marty - I was looking at as an inexpensive option. In your case, it doesn't have a camera option available, so you would need two systems if you want video recording as well. S
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3. Re: [Shop-talk] Home Security (score: 1)
Author: Paul Parkanzky <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 19:24:13 -0500
Look into SimpliCam or DropCam. I think they do what you're hoping for. You only pay the monthly fee if you also want cloud storage of the video. With SimpliCam, you get facial detection with the sub
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