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Re: Sputtering, no charging,

To: trumpet@bellsouth.net (John Summers)
Subject: Re: Sputtering, no charging,
From: tr6taylor@webtv.net (Sally or Dick Taylor)
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 14:26:08 -0700 (PDT)
John---Some years ago my '73 quit running as yours did, and had the same
malady, -no 12 volts to the coil + side. I didn't take the time to trace
it while on the road, but instead ran a jumper wire from a fuse box
terminal to the coil plus side, while disconnecting the original yellow
and white wire. Now, with reliable power, the engine was happy again.     
At home I started stripping the tape from the original wire to the coil
+ and found it burnt just at the wrap opening, (where the alternator
wires also come out.) In my case, this wire was chaffing against an
added metal clip, used to support the harness, and eventually rubbed
thru. If enough time had elapsed I suppose it would have heated adjacent
alternator  wires and melted their insulation also. Which brings me to
my point: (you didn't think I'd ever get there, did you?)          
Yes, this could conceivably be the cause of no-charge to your battery,
You may also have to peel back the harness wrapping to see if this is
your situation. Be sure the plug is secure that connects the alt. to the

Dick Taylor

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