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252HP or 8,000 rpms?

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Subject: 252HP or 8,000 rpms?
From: tr6taylor@webtv.net (Sally or Dick Taylor)
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 17:06:03 -0800 (PST)
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Someone asked about this subject a few days ago. I now have the answer
from the Maestro. 

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(Dick Taylor) Subject: Re: 252HP TR6 motor 
The TR-6 was Lucas fuel injected. The engine about the deal with Ak
Miller was the GT-6 which was using the stock adjustabl jet Strombergs.
What a pain that fuel injection system was, BAH!!!!! I tried to get the
SCCA to let us use Webers and they would not even think about it.
Because of this the TR_6 never took off in class as the injection was
only available through me and it was too expensive. Therefore only
Tullius ( free-be from me) used it. The GT-6 was making an honest 187 at
7800 and reving to 8200 if needed. Bravery ran out there on the dyno
cause this is full throttle for over a minute and a half, but I'm sure
Devendorf used more on the track but never coped out to it. -----
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Subject: 252HP TR6 motor 
Hi, Kas---Do you recall what type of fuel system was used on the engine
that you dyno'ed at 252 HP? (at 8,000 rpms) I recall you writing about
it, with Ak in the shop, but you didn't mention what type of carbs, or
if PI was used. Someone brought this up recently, citing flywheel flex,
etc, and said you were using a PI system. Recall? Dick Taylor 

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