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RE: Crankshaft end bolt removal

To: "6 Pack List \(E-mail\)" <6pack@autox.team.net>,
Subject: RE: Crankshaft end bolt removal
From: "Hugh Fader" <hfader@usa.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 07:14:07 -0500
Thanks Jeff. I'm at about 59k so the mileage looks about right for thrust
washers. I noticed the movement when I gave the end bolt a few whacks in an
attempt to loosen it. Was able to lever the crank back a noticeable amount.

Two questions:
1. How do I determine which size thrust washers to put in?
2. Will it be any easier to do this job while I have the top end and all
related parts off? Maybe I need the crank pulley in place to answer question

OK, three questions:

3. Any other maintenace or inspection I should do while I have the sump off?


> Hugh,
> Glad to hear about your success! As for the end-float of the
> crankshaft, if
> you can lever the crank noticeably with a screwdriver, then
> it's time to
> replace the thrust washers. I believe the end float is
> measured at .004 to
> .008" . You wouldn't be able to notice this without a dial

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