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Nice.  You might want to add an inertia switch in series to turn off power to 
the pump in case of an accident.   The mechanical stops with the engine, the 
electrical wonâ??t. 

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>   1. An update (Richard Lindsay)
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> From: Richard Lindsay <richardolindsay@gmail.com>
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> Subject: [6pack] An update
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> Hello Friends,
>   Today I completed a job on my '75 TR6 project. The new mechanical fuel
> pump supplied by that company that 'doesn't grow on a rolling stone',
> failed. Of course, that was no fault of theirs. I just decided to convert
> the fuel supply to electric, just as I did on my TR3b.
>   As I began that last parahraph, I replaced the OEM pump with a Facet
> 476087E solid state pump. That unit makes 4-5.5psi. Just right for a pair
> of Z-S carbs.
>   I fashioned an adapter plate from sheet aluminum that covers the port on
> the engine. It then extends up to the right to hold the new pump. I placed
> a gasket between the adapter and the block thereby sealing the block.
>   I placed an inline filter between the fuel line and the pump's intake
> port. All of that is 5/16" id plumbing. The pipe up to the carbs is about
> 1/4" od so I bought a replacement fitting for the pump's output. Once
> plumbed, all that remained to do was wire the pump.
>   Fortunately the fuse block has a spare fuse location. I used that option
> to power the new pump. I will later add a relay using the original switched
> power to activate the relay, so as to keep the pump's current load off of
> the ignition switch.
>   Long story only slightly longer; The pump works great. There are no
> leaks. And the car now starts and runs great. Its now ready to head off to
> the painter.
> Rick
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