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RE: Tire Pressure??

To: "sunbeam foro" <>
Subject: RE: Tire Pressure??
From: "Javier Alamo" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 14:14:32 -0600
In my Alpine I have the same sized tires, but I love more my dish of kidneys.
I use 22 for street driving. Soft and nice to drive but hard to parking.
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  Asunto: Tire Pressure??

  I have Pirelli 185-70-13 (13") tires on my Tiger I bought a few months
  ago. What's the best tire pressure to use for street driving? The tire
  shops always want to go to 30-32 lbs. which gives a retty harsh ride.
  The Tiger owner's handbook says 26 lbs up TO 110 mph, 32 lbs. over 110
  mph. Since I only occassionally go over 110 mph (like when I'm going to
  the market or driving by schools), is the 26 lbs. appropriate with
  modern tires?

  Steve Sage
  1967 MK1A

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