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Re: Race front end

To: Gary Strom <>
Subject: Re: Race front end
From: Ron Tebo <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 05:15:41 -0700

Glad to hear that the Thunderpine is still under way!

By chance, the spring 2004 edition of "Sunbeam Rootes" (S.S.O.C. of
Canada) has an article by Chuck Ingram on how he added  a Mustang front
end to a modified Alpine cross-member in "The Spirit of Lister", his
alger. You can contact him at 
 Thegoodbeamer1@  (that may be an "I" or"l" rather than "1" in
the address), or you can phone him at 204 661 8380. He says he is
willing to answer all questions.

If you want to look at the article first, let me know and I'll try to
scan it and send it to you (6 pages, with pictures). Hope this helps!

Ron Tebo

Gary Strom wrote:
> I'm looking to graft in (or make from scratch) a road race type front end
> valance, to my Thunderpine project (Series II with a 351w).  I've seen some
> real nice ones on a few Tiger racers.  I am thinking about buying a 'glass one
> built for a mustang and modifying it.  Anyone have plans, molds or (better...)
> ideas on what I could use?
> Gary Strom

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