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RE: RX7TT Hoses

To: "joe goeke" <>, "'Mark J. Andy'" <>,
Subject: RE: RX7TT Hoses
From: whitney <>
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 19:54:05 -0800
Pretty soon you get close to the 911 timing chain tensioner mods (Your cue
Mike P.)  and other similar reliability mods.  I can't say that the current
rule is ideal, but the bruden of proof may start to grow unmanageable.


At 03:26 PM 12/31/98 -0800, joe goeke wrote:
>> Dealing with whatever the car's weakness is doesn't have to
>> be part of the game.
>Agreed, but it is part of the game so everyone has to live with it.
>One argument against allowing these types of things leans on people getting
>to creative in what they interpret as no performance gain, but if you ask
>me, that problem already exists, so allowing other reliability changes could
>work.  This most likely would add more work for the PC's, for more protests
>would occur on such items to "prove" there legality.

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