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Evulution McKamey division thoughts..

To: "Team.Net" <>
Subject: Evulution McKamey division thoughts..
From: "Michael Lee" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 23:16:00 -0700
So I ran my first event after McKamey and noticed that I'm noticeably faster
and smoother.  I was running PAX in Portland SCCA's event today.  I would
have placed reasonably well in PAX (smoked my under represented class there)
were it not for cones.  Try as I might I just kept hitting stuff!!!!!

Most of the people I talked to got a bit slower after McKamey, anyone got
really, stinking filthy, dirty cone carnage runs after?  What did you do?  I
was smooth, looked ahead, thought ahead, didn't chase times..  coned every
single run tho!!! :-(

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